Pubnico Wind: A Real Life Experience

Monday, May 13, 2013

When considering the integration of locally produced energy, it is important to understand the impacts of the presence of a turbine or turbines, their acceptance, and their role in the daily lives of the residents. This video by the provincial government takes a balanced approach to understanding that relationship between the people and the windfarm.

The Government of Nova Scotia Communications team talked to the people living near the Pubnico Wind Farm to document their experiences and learn their take on living near the wind farm.

Twelve minute version:

Three minute version:

Laurent d’Entremont, a freelance writer and local storyteller who lives near the turbines of Pubnico offers a personal portrait of life near the windfarm. It’s a portrait of a development that has quietly brought a community together through the hiking trails and shared space on the turbine access roads. In the midst of creating local energy a community commons has organically grown in this rural landscape. Here is his article from March 2012 in the Kings County Register/Advertiser.