The Community Dividend

Monday, June 24, 2013

One of the most popular topics raised at our public consultations throughout the province is our community dividend. The community dividend is a commitment on the part of Scotian WindFields to make an annual contribution to the communities surrounding our wind turbine installations. The amount of the donation is 1% of gross revenue. That means 1% of revenue from the power sold goes directly back into the community, no waiting to make a profit, no other calculations. 1% of the revenue pure and simple.

We developed this innovative program to fill several roles:

  • to give payback to the community for their involvement in supporting wind energy
  • to be a good neighbour by sharing the benefits that come from producing wind energy
  • to live up to our philosophy of community sharing and community economic development


The administration of these funds will be handled locally by local community groups and residents. The community will decide how to distribute the funds through a committee drawn from local stakeholders and organizations. The kinds of projects that could receive funds include:

  • community centres
  • rec centres and sports fields
  • sports teams
  • school programs
  • local scholarships
  • volunteer organizations
  • hiking trails
  • museums and interpretive centres


These are just some examples of the kinds of recipients we expect to take advantage of our annual contribution.

We are proud of the concept of giving back to the communities that support us by hosting our wind turbines. Since launching our program more than 2 years ago, we’ve seen other wind developers from across the globe instituting the same type of program. From Australia, to Scotland, to Ontario, it’s an idea that works for communities and brings wind developers and communities together to share the economic benefits of wind and make a difference in the community. The fact that we are seeing this idea grow means it is an idea whose time has come. We are happy to be part of the trend and the innovation that makes a difference. We encourage people to contact us to get involved.

We will be starting up local committees near all of our wind installations. These committees will oversee the distribution of funds in their area. Stay tuned for more information about a committee in your area. Get in touch with us at 1-877-798-5085 or email if you would like to get involved in this exciting new program.