Colchester-Cumberland WindField

The Colchester-Cumberland Wind Field Inc. is a community economic development corporation incorporated to support community owned commercial wind fields in the Colchester-Cumberland counties.

Wind-power is a renewable resource, and represents a clean and abundant alternative to coal for light and power in our homes. Establishing community owned wind turbines in the Colchester-Cumberland Counties will bring direct economic benefit and environmental pride to the region.

The Colchester-Cumberland Wind Field (CCWF) is a legal Nova Scotia corporation run by a volunteer board of directors. The CCWF has developed a business plan based on local ownership. 

The current board of directors consists of:

  • President, David Stevenson (Tatamagouche)
  • Treasurer, John Reginald Forbes (Tatamagouche)
  • Secretary, Shelley Byers (Tatamagouche)
  • Director, David Swan (Tatamagouche)
  • Chuck Hunziker (Tatamagouche)
  • Dale Aitchison (Tatamagouche)
  • Lukas Swan (Lawrencetown)
  • James Roycroft (Salt Springs)