Scotian WindFields Inc Celebrates Global Wind Day June 15 - Announcing new turbine

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15th, 2010 Lake Echo, NS - Scotian WindFields Inc is pleased to announce the installation of its latest wind turbines in Lake Echo, Nova Scotia. Mountainview Estates, a manufactured home community owned by Killam Properties Inc., will enjoy the benefits of a 50kW Endurance wind turbine and a 6kW Scirocco wind turbine. The 50kw machine provides three phase power to the community’s water supply and waste water treatment facilities, while the single phase machine provides electricity to power the community’s street lights and Killam’s other electrical needs.

“We are excited to announce such an innovative project on Global Wind Day”, said Scotian WindFields Chief Operating Officer Daniel Roscoe, “This project is a great example of both businesses taking a lead with respect to our dependence on fossil fuels and how renewable energy systems can help stabilize the cost of services important to us, such as provision of drinking water”.
“Killam Properties is committed to managing its exposure to energy costs with investments in green initiatives” noted Philip Fraser, Killam’s President and CEO. “The electricity generated through the wind turbines at Mountainview Estates is net metered against Killam’s electricity usage at the community, allowing a perfect hedge against rising electricity costs.”

This installation marks another renewable energy project for Killam Properties, which has shown leadership in this field for many years. This is their first wind energy project, and follows five solar system installations, and a variety of other energy efficiency programs. Killam is set to begin its newest solar energy system on its Parker Street Apartments, in Dartmouth. When completed, this project will be the largest single solar array in Nova Scotia.

The costs of traditional fossil fuel energy sources such as oil, natural gas, coal and heating oil have at least doubled, and in some cases quadrupled, over the past 10-15 years. This trend will only accelerate as these limited resources become scarcer and demand continues to rise. In addition to having volatile costs, 90% of energy consumed in Nova Scotia is imported, so the money spent on using this energy leaves our Province.

“Businesses and Public Institutions have to ask themselves: how can we keep our public infrastructure, like hospitals, schools, and basic services available, and our local businesses profitable, when oil is $200/barrel, or electricity is 20cents/kWh?” noted Daniel Roscoe.

“It gives us a great feeling of pride to see our hard work and investment turned into wind generators that provide energy directly to families in our community,” said Chebucto Windfield Director Shannon Lynch. “Our investment group was founded on the recognition that we must shift focus from fossil fuels to renewable energy. In Nova Scotia our heavy dependence on fossil fuels puts our way of life in jeopardy due to the volatility of price and security of that risky fuel source. Seeing communities acquire access to clean renewable energy produced right in their own backyard, it’s what our movement is all about.”
Chebucto Windfield Inc is a Community Economic Development Corporation operating in Halifax Regional Municipality. Their mandate is to raise capital through the sale of shares and invest this money in renewable energy companies owned and operated in Nova Scotia.

Scotian and Killam hosted a tour of the new wind turbines to help celebrate Global Wind Day June 15, 2010.

For More Information Contact:
Dan Roscoe, Chief Operating Officer
Scotian WindFields Inc